Marketing Love

We are responsible for love.

We were faced with a difficult task for our first project. We would have to create a campaign that was emotionally captivating enough to convince young lovers to send each other "goat grams" (Valentine's Day candy with a twist). We did this with a single, bold Facebook campaign.

About Glowstik

Glowstik Social Marketing Values

Founded in 2011, every part of this organization says “energy” and “youthful flair”.

There is nobody above 23 years old on our team. Our competitors see this as a downfall, but we see this as an advantage. We may not be able to cook, clean, or do taxes, but we were born in the digital age and are surrounded by social media.

Add a knack for thinking outside the box and an ability to analyze consumer psychology, and the foundation is set for the engaging campaigns that we create.
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The CEO: Jerry Zhang

Marketing Love

Dear Inventor of “The Next Big Thing”,

For my whole life, I’ve been the kid begging you for an opportunity; opportunity rarely comes knocking on my door. Some people have that one day where they’re in the right place, at the right time, saying the right thing to the right person and boom. Everything clicks.

I haven’t had that day yet. And that’s what drives me to work that much harder, sacrifice that much more, and take risks that much greater to deliver when I’m given the chance. I’m not arrogant- I can’t be. Simply put, I haven’t gotten to the point where I can “wow” people with the name on my business card or the plaques on my wall, then use the same standardized approaches to produce underwhelming results. Big consulting firms can do this, and take gross amounts of money from you, then hide behind their Harvard Business School degrees.

However, I have to innovate like there’s no tomorrow, and use the unfettered youthful creativity that is my biggest asset.

Probably, you feel the same way; you have this idea, this seedling and it’s about to blossom. You can visualize how much potential it has- people will be talking about this idea for years to come. The only roadblock is earning the trust and respect of your competitors, your investors, and your customers. This where I come in, because I want to push your product to the top.

Will you give me the opportunity?

Yours Truly,
Jerry Zhang

Case Study: Young Love.

Marketing Love

A charity group that we worked with would be selling “goat grams”- a unique twist on the classic Valentine’s Day candy grams- that students would send to their secret crushes.

Understanding the reluctant nature of young love, we knew that we needed a campaign that would stir their hearts enough, that they would send a goat gram. With this, we went to Facebook, as over 87% of the target segment had an account. And we asked ourselves, if we were shy young lovers, what would persuade us to buy? Well, if our crush wanted a goat gram, of course.

Accordingly, we created a page that was titled, “I Want You to Show Me How You Feel with a Goat Gram” and people who liked the page, would be publicizing their desire for a goat gram and a sweetheart. Once their admirers saw this, there was no resisting this opportunity to show their feelings. This resulted in over 50% of the target market purchasing a "goat gram".