Marketers can be ethical.

86% of people don't respect marketers.

Only car salesmen and politicians are less respected. At Glowstik, we want to change that. We honestly believe that marketing can change the world for the better- not in some abstract, political form, but in a real, tangible, life-changing sort of way.

Great Marketing. Better World.

Great marketing. Better world.

At Glowstik, we strive to be respected, not only as good marketers, but as good people. This is why, as a part of our Great Marketing, Better World program, for the rest of 2011, we will work for free for all non-profit organizations. You have a great cause; let us spread the word about it and find you the lifelong advocates that are so valuable to any organization.

I personally guarantee that you will receive the same level of commitment as any paying client. We want to be a part of your cause; will you give us the opportunity?

-Jerry Zhang