This is not effective advertising.

What is your favourite part of life?

Now imagine someone took that away. Isnít this what traditional marketing does 3000 times daily? Itís the mascara ad that kills the suspense for that TV show. Itís the fast food billboard that pops up on a scenic drive. Itís the telemarketer who interrupts dinner. Social media is different. Customers choose to interact with social media and that's what makes it so engaging.

Traditional Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing

Mass media marketing Social media marketing
  • Wide reach: a large number of people will see your advertising
  • Forced audience: people must view your ad to enjoy other content
  • Impressive: itís cool to have your brand on a major media outlet
  • Untargeted: You can't sell engagement rings to a married man. Most of your audience will not even consider buying your product.
  • Costly: Fees that media outlets ask for are outrageous. Plan on spending at least $100,000.
  • One-dimensional: Potential customers are just watch and listen. They do not experience. This lack of interaction seriously restricts engagement.
  • Annoying: Advertising does not benefit the audience in any way. It simply interrupts them and in fact, it is very easily ignored.
  • Difficult to produce: It is both time-consuming and difficult to produce a high-quality advertisement.
  • Even wider reach: 500 million users spend 700 billion hours on Facebook per month.
  • Targeted marketing: We create meaningful content that caters to your target customersí needs, wants, and aspirations.
  • Engaging: The conscious decision to ďlikeĒ and interact with a page creates an emotional connection with the customers, and stirs brand loyalty.
  • The social factor: It is human nature to trust what our closest friends say. When a customer ďlikesĒ your page, they publically endorse your brand. This can spark viral word-of-mouth.
  • Cost-efficient: Pages are free to create and maintenance costs are minimal. You will only ever pay for the innovation that drives your social media success
  • Free customer feedback: Ignite creativity in your product development with direct feedback.

  • High demand for innovation: A regular Facebook page can make some noise but this noise rarely translates into sales. Only innovative campaigns will further your bottom-line objectives.
  • Time-consuming: Content must be fresh and updated consistently, in order to captivate people. This is difficult to execute internally without additional (wasteful) hiring.
  • Some patience is necessary: Social media is not an instant band-aid fix. Rather, it cultivates sales and brand loyalty over a period of a few months to one year.